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Interactive Dog Football

Interactive Dog Football

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◄ Super creative

◄ Multifunctional outdoor dog toy

◄ Interactive training ball  

◄ Teething ball 

◄ Easy To Use And Carry

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Multifunctional Use

This is a multifunctional fun toy that combines a bounce back frisbee ball, interactive training ball, teething ball, tug of war toy and outdoor sports entertainment for multiple playtime fun for your dog. You can throw the toy with your hand or kick it with your foot and let your dog retrieve it. It can also be used for interactive water play when the dog is swimming outdoors, enhancing the bond between owner and dog.

Creative Design

Unique frisbee ball design. It can be flattened from a sphere into a frisbee, thrown and then automatically bounced back into a sphere in 3-5 seconds during flight. It's easy to throw, throws far, flies high and has good flight performance. You can use it either as a dog ball or as a dog frisbee toy, I am sure your dog will love it too.

Interactive Training

Multiple dogs can play together and chase each other to stimulate the dogs' desire to win, improve their intelligence and reduce daily anxiety, better vent their energy and release mental stress.

Product Information

Product information:
Function: bite resistant

Material: pp+abs

Size: (sphere): 145.5X 145.5X 141.5mm

Packing list: 

1x dog toy